Chapter 1647 Leave No Traces

At a villa abroad…

A man hurriedly stumbled into the living room. "Where is Mister Kyle?"

“He is in the study,” a bodyguard replied. "Wait here. I will inform him of your arrival."

He left after speaking. After a moment, he reappeared, then walked over to the man and nodded. "Mister Kyle will see you now."

The man walked into the study, saw Kyle reading a book leisurely, and said cautiously, "Sir."

"What is it?" said Kyle without even lifting his head.

The man gulped. He knew Kyle well. He looked leisurely now, but he could turn terrifying in an instant if he got angry.

However, this matter needed to be said no matter what.

"Sir, Bo Gelian was arrested by the police a few days ago."

"A few days ago?" There was a slight chill in his voice as Kyle flicked through the pages of the book and paused slightly. He raised his eyes to look at the man.

"Yes, sir. We couldn't contact him for a few days. We have been sending men to search for him and we just received news that he was inv
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