Chapter 1676 Ask Daddy For A Little Brother

”I want a little girl like Tiantian, obedient and cute. This kid is too troublesome."

Song Qingwan spouted negativity, but her eyes were filled with tenderness and love when she looked at her baby.

Jiang Sese chuckled. "Careful now, the little one may understand you and feel sad. However, having a daughter is great."

Song Qingwan blushed and nodded.

Tiantian, who had been staring at the little baby all this while, suddenly raised her head and looked at Jiang Sese. "Mommy, I’d like a little brother very much. Can you and Daddy give me a little brother?"

Jiang Sese was taken aback for a moment. She then saw Song Qingwan's mocking expression on the side and her face flushed. "There’s no use telling me this. It’s up to Daddy."

Tiantian nodded thoughtfully. "Okay, I will go ask Daddy for a little brother!"

"That’s right, just ask your Daddy. Make sure that you do. Then, you will have a bunch of little brothers and little sisters to play with at home."

Song Qingwan could not help but
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