Chapter 1753 We Have A Clue!

Hearing this, Johanne's expression changed slightly.

He had been sending his men to keep an eye on Andre. As a result, his people had lost track of their quarry and they did not even notice.

"Thank you for telling me that, Chairman Jin. I will find him as soon as possible and have people keep an eye on him. Please rest assured."

However, Jin Fengchen did not want irrelevant promises.

His expression tightened as he said, "You know, what I need is to go back to China immediately. I hope you can find a way to circumvent things so I can leave."

It was not that he was unable to leave on his own. It was just that the affair with the crown involved many people. If he were to leave of his own accord, it might be attributed as being connected to the crown's disappearance.

Johanne was somewhat hesitant. Of course, he knew that Jin Fengchen had nothing to do with the theft of the crown.

He also knew that Jin Fengchen wanted to return to China immediately, and he was wary of Andre. He
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