Chapter 1760 He Has To Bear The Consequences

Suddenly, there was a slight noise in the quiet room.

Knock, knock-

Jin Fengchen turned to look, it was the sound of the French window being knocked.

His eyes narrowed slightly as he stood up and walked towards the window.

As soon as he opened the curtain, he saw He Shuhan hanging outside the window with ropes.

Jin Fengchen frowned slightly. He immediately opened the window and let He Shuhan in.

Then, straight to the point, he asked, "How are things going?"

He stood by the window, his deep eyes almost as black as the night.

He Shuhan naturally knew what he was talking about, and immediately reported the news in detail.

"In this matter, we have determined that Andre is the one causing mischief. He's also responsible for events back home. His reason for doing that, if I may guess, is because he thinks we can't return."

"The reason why you are imprisoned is also because of Andre.."

Jin Fengchen nodded, "It's his style."

"Young Master, what shall we do?"

"What should I do?"

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