Chapter 1787 Not Afraid Of Anything!

From getting off the bus to entering the house, Xu Yingxi followed Jin Beichen all the time, and looked timidly and curiously asked, "Brother, is this our home?"

Jin Beichen nodded, "Yeah."

Her eyes suddenly lit up. "It's so beautiful, I like it very much."

She looked around with joy, just like a child.

The butler could not help frowning. "Master, she is..."

"She suffered a little injury and lost her memory. You should take good care of her."

The butler nodded, "I understand."

Jin Beichen took Xu Yingxi upstairs into the guest room and told her, "This is your room."

Xu Yingxi looked at it, screwed up his eyebrows, and muttered unhappily, "Why isn't there a beautiful princess bed? It's gray, not like a girl's room at all."

Jin Beichen frowned when he heard this. This girl really treated this place like her own home, was she really going to complain?

Xu Yingxi sensed what was on his mind and felt embarrassed.

In fact, she was just saying it for the sake of it. Actually, to h
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