Chapter 1819 I'll Be In Your Care!

Sure enough, the next day, Xu Wenkang called Xu Yingxi early in the morning.

"I agree to your terms!"

"I'll see you at the coffee shop at noon to sign the contract."

Xu Yingxi was too lazy to waste words with him, so she cut to the chase.

At noon, she arrived at the coffee shop with her lawyer, picked a window seat and sat down.

When Xu Wenkang came, he saw that there was a lawyer, and his face was slightly heavy. What was the meaning of this?

She was so wary of her old man!

As soon as he sat down, Xu Yingxi dispensed with the niceties and bluntly said, "Where is the share transfer agreement?"

He stared at her for a moment, before he took it out of the bag with a disgruntled look and handed it over.

Xu Yingxi handed it to the lawyer without looking.

The lawyer checked it carefully and confirmed that there was no problem. "Ms. Xu, there is no problem with this agreement. You can sign it."

"Xu Yingxi! I'm your father. Do you have to guard against me like this? " Xu Wenkang fi
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Mary Hans
we keep paying for chapters & know there’s no ending
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Yvonne Elizabeth Simpson
Can you please acknowledge that you have really finished the book as it's so important to us x
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Yvonne Elizabeth Simpson
Hi will you be updating the book to the young couple getting to know each other please respond to your readers who are waiting for you to respond x
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