Chapter 873 Complaints

Jin Fengchen could not bear to refuse the little girl’s request. He could only carry her into Jiang Sese’s bedroom.

When Tiantian saw Jiang Sese lying in the bed, she frowned.

“Daddy, is Mommy sick?” the little girl asked in a soft voice, then covered her mouth.

Whenever she was sick, she had to get injections. Being sick was not nice, nor was having injections.

Jin Fengchen nodded and softly replied, “Yes. Can Tiantian promise Daddy to let Mommy rest?”

The little girl agreed, very sensibly.

After having her breakfast, the little girl obediently curled up in Jin Fengchen’s arms.

Jiang Sese was unconscious for the next two days. Within these two days, Jin Fengchen settled all his work matters.

Tiantian ended up playing with Mo Xie and Han Yu.

Luckily, Jiang Sese’s health returned back to normal, so Mo Xie and Han Yu could take turns to play with Tiantian.

In some ways, they helped lift Jin Fengchen’s burdens.

Jiang Sese finally woke up on the second afternoon. Her finger twit
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