Chapter 911 Undercurrent

John’s expression was terrible. He gripped the table tightly with both hands, so much so that his veins were showing.

The group of employees did not even dare breathe. They were afraid of drawing John’s anger and becoming a target of his rage.

“What are you all doing staring at me?”

The employees were all standing dumbly, unsure what John’s words meant.

“What are you still doing standing around? Why aren’t you going to investigate? No matter what, we must get to the bottom of this, especially everyone inside. Have them all investigated, don’t leave anybody out!”

The group paused, and their faces all changed to pained expressions.

Furthermore, there was a heaviness in the air. Everybody felt uncomfortable at what John had said.

Especially since these people in the office had been with John for so long.

However, today John was heaping suspicion on them.

John could sense the change in atmosphere to something that was uncommon. He added, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, b
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