Chapter 1045 Better Than Separated Forever

Meanwhile, Jin Fengchen arrived in Sicily, Italy.

He Shuhan came to the airport to pick him up. Once Jin Fengchen went into the car, he asked, “Did you manage to find Professor Curry’s research lab?”

“Not yet,” He Shuhan replied. He looked at Jin Fengchen in the rearview mirror, then added, “We suspect Professor Curry and his team may not be based in Italy.”

Jin Fengchen frowned. “Why do you say so?”

“We searched many places and covered major parts of Italy. However, there was still no trace of Professor Curry.”

“That was why you guys deduced that they might not be in Italy?”

He Shuhan nodded. “That’s right.”

Jin Fengchen squinted slightly. “The most dangerous place is the safest. Maybe they’re just nearby.”

“Young Master, do you mean they may be nearby the few research institutes?”

“Search for them again in detail. You might find some leads,” Jin Fengchen ordered.

“Understood. I’ll send you to the hotel first, then send our men over to investigate immediately.”

Then, the ca
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