Chapter 1064 Unknown Drug Components

Upon hearing this, Shang Ying was shocked and angry. “Who would do such a terrible thing? To inject a pathogen into your body!”

Jiang Sese smiled. “Someone who I am indebted to.”

“Even if this person helped you, that is no reason for the person to do this. What if you died? Would this person bear the responsibility?!”

The more Shang Ying thought about it, the more frightened she became. She could not imagine how Sese managed it after being infected with the virus.

“Youngest Aunty, I’m fine now right? Don't think about those unpleasant things.” Jiang Sese regretted telling Shang Ying about it and making her worry.

“Silly child.” Shang Ying held her hand, her expression was filled with distress. “Why didn't you tell us? How did you and Fengchen manage?”

Jiang Sese saw that she was so worried and did not dare to say any more. She just smiled and said, “Maybe my immune system is rather strange; the pathogen has not activated. so I’m still alive and well.”

“Then why do you keep losin
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