Chapter 158 Got Stood up

Xu Na was astonished. It was so obvious that Jiang Sese had stayed up the whole night!

She now saw why Jiang Sese had been able to succeed in all those major projects. The woman worked her butt off.

Back when Han Jing handled the project, Xu Na had flown out here with her as well. However, the first thing Han Jing did upon arrival was sleep, and when she woke up, she did nothing but shop and eat. But now...

Jiang Sese stretched herself and rubbed her eyes. "We're set to meet them today. The least I can show them is a satisfactory business plan."

"But you work too hard! It's bad for your health!" Xu Na frowned. She knew that Jiang Sese had always been responsible at work, but she didn't expect her to be this responsible! The woman was amazing!

Jiang Sese smiled at her. She then put away the files on the desk and said, "I'm done. I'll take a nap now. Wake me up at noon."

Xu Na nodded. "Sure. Get some sleep!"

"All right."

Jiang Sese slept all the way until noontime. That afternoon
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