Chapter 399 A Lump in the Throat

Since Jin Fengyao had stopped making strange noises, Song Qingwan could treat his wounds. She took out the medicine and gently sprinkled it onto his wounds.

Looking at Jin Fengyao's mangled back, Song Qingwan recalled what Jiang Sese said earlier and she couldn't help saying, "What about your back? What if the wounds leave scars behind?"

Jin Fengyao couldn't care less about that possibility, for he was a man and wouldn't be wearing anything that showed his back. He only said indifferently, "Whatever. As long as the wounds can heal, I don't care about the scars."

The more indifferent he sounded, the more Song Qingwan wanted to blame herself. Heaving a sigh, she said quietly, "You're in this state because you tried to save me..."

She had brought this subject up too often recently that Jin Fengyao snapped. "My face is intact and that's good enough for me. Are you ever going to stop? I got you into this, so of course I had to save you. Plus, cosmetic surgery is so advanced nowadays; if
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