Chapter 1303 Don’t Let Her In

The next morning, Jin Fengyao came to the Fang residence with Master Jin and Madam Jin.

“Mom, dad, why are you here so early?” Jiang Sese asked curiously .

“We were up all night thinking about Fengchen.”

When Madam Jin said this, she sighed, “Come to think of it, I’ve not seen him in a long time.”

When Jiang Sese heard this, her heart ached. “Mom, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault that Fengchen…”

“Silly girl, none of this is your fault.” Madam Jin took her hand and patted it, “Don’t blame yourself. Your dad and I have no intention of doing so either.”

“Child, you’ve suffered much too.” Master Jin said.

Jiang Sese’s eyes teared up and she smiled. She shook her head, “I haven’t suffered, not at all.”

“Have you had breakfast?”

The atmosphere seemed subdued, and Shang Ying stepped in at the right time to liven it up.

Madam Jin smiled, “We have.”

“Do you want to go now, or later?” Shang Ying asked.

“Let’s go now then.” Fang Yuchen walked down the stairs and stood in fron
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