Chapter 1352 At Least Give Some Benefits

A hint of pride flashed across Shangguan Yuan's face. “Fengchen is the most outstanding man I have ever seen. Only he is worthy of me.”

“I'm not bad either. Why don't you consider me?" Jiang Cheng said half-jokingly and half-earnestly.

“When you wooed me previously, I never agreed, let alone now.”

Jiang Cheng concealed the disappointment in his eyes, clutched his chest, and said with a wounded expression, “You are too cruel. You have rejected me again.”

“That’s enough nonsense. I have no intention of joking with you.” Shangguan Yuan looked a little impatient.

Jiang Cheng readjusted his expression. “Don't worry, I will do what I promised.”

Shangguan Yuan narrowed her eyes. “Jiang Sese is the key. As long as she is caught, Jin Fengchen will naturally come.”

“Then we have to wait for her to be alone before we are able to act. With Jin Fengchen by her side, it will be very difficult to succeed.”

Recalling Jin Fengchen's formidable skills, Jiang Cheng's eyes turned a little cold. He
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