Chapter 11

Sarah's POV

I wake up peacefully today. Like what I am doing everyday, I smile and forget the problems that I have encountered for the past few days. 

I know that forgetting the problems is not the best solution, but will I let myself be drown in sadness? Of course not. So that I just smile and do several things for me not to remember the problems I am facing. 

"Miss Fatima, are you going to your restaurant today?" I asked.

She is fixing herself up so I think that she is going to her restaurant. 

"No. I am going to meet my old friend," she answered.


"But that will not take too long. We will just talk about our lives and after that, I will go home," she get her sling bag and walk towards me to hug a goodbye.

"I'll be home before 1pm. Be ready. Later we will start your piano lesson."

"Okay. Bye."


She walk to leave the house while I am the only person here. I locked the door and the gate to ensure my safety. I heard that there are some robbers who enter houses. It is better to prevent that fr happening.

Since I am the only one left in the house, I just read some books from the library.

Yeah, you heard that right. Library.

Miss Fatima is a bibliophile. My dad wants her to be happy so dad built a libraru inside this house. Miss Fatima said that they bought over a thousand books. 

"Hmm. What will I read?" I asked myself.

At last, I get The Great Gatsby. 

I remember, when I was still a child, Rhea forces me to read this book instead of reading children's book. She said the children's book are just for brainless who will not succeed in life. 

Of course, I did what she said. I tried to read the book she wants. But in the end, I surrendred. I can not understand the story for I was still 5 years old when she forced me to read that.

But instead of being mad at this book, I made it as an inspiration to read more and more books, not just today but also in the future.

- - -

Rhea's POV

I am here in my house living and waiting for Dwyane to come here. He has all of the materials that we need in order to conduct our plan to sabotage Fatima's restaurant.

When Dwyane already reached my house, we will prepare and organize all of the materials we are going to use. I know that my plan will work effectively. 

I stood up when I heard the doorbell rings. I walk towards the gate to open it for Dwyane.

"Do you have all of the materials?" I asked him.

"Of course," he replied and he showed me a big plastic containing tupperwares. 

I smiled and I let him enter the house. I close the gate and followed him inside.

"Look, these materials are fresh. I am sure that Fatima's restaurant will surely go down after this," Dwyane said and he burst out an evil laugh. 

I joined his laughter. 

He is right. This plan will work, and this will be the cause of Fatima's downfall. With that, I can prove that they are real losers. 

Or worse, their costumers will file a case against them after our plan. 

I can now imagine their lonely faces after we have done our plan. I can see them begging for me, kissing my shoe, and treating me as their master. 

- - - 

Third Person's POV

Rhea is smiling secretly while she is doing her disguise. She puts black contact lens and a black wig. She also hide her freckles on her face. She made her eyes smaller. She looks at herself in the mirror. 

"Wow. You really look an Asian and not an American anymore" Dwyane said. "But you are still beautiful."

"Thank you. You are also," Rhea said.

Dwyane also changes himself. He does some make-ups to make himself look as an Asian. His blonde hair became black. He made his tummy bigger than usual so that he will look very differently from his true appearance. 

People will surely not be familiar with their faces. 

"We need to change our voice from normal. Can you do that?" Rhea asked Dwyane.

"Yes, I can," Dwyane said using a lower voice that is different from his original voice.

They enter their car and Dwyane start driving while the materials are on the compartment. 

"Are you ready?" Dwyane asked

"I am born ready," Rhea said confidently. 

While driving their way to the restaurant, Rhea saw Fatima talking to another person outside a mall. Fatima and the lady walk inside the mall.

Rhea thinks that this is a perfect time to conduct their plan. Fatima is not in her restaurant. She can move freely. She can easily made the employees head twirl in just a matter of seconds. 

"This will be easy," Rhea said to herself. 

Finally, the time has come for Rhea and Dwyane. They finally reached the restaurant. Their materials was packed inside a big bag. 

"Good afternoon, Sir, Ma'am," the guard greeted them. 

"Please open your bag,"the guard added.

Dwyane open the bag. The guard saw the plastics with a mark of a store. The guard thought that those were their groceries so he let them in. 

When they finally have a table, the two sit comfortably. 

"Good morning, Ma'am, Sir. This is the menu," the waiter said while handling them the menu.

Rhea smiled. The people here are not able to recognize herself. 

"Can I just have a one piece chicken and a rice?" Rhea said.

"That's mine too," Dwyane said.

They ordered rice so that it will look that they are real Asians. 

"Two orders of chicken with rice. Please wait for 3-5 minutes for your order."

When the waiter already leave, Dwyane and Rhea stood up to do their plan. 

They wait outside the chef's area. Luckily, there are only 5 chefs inside. They wait for the moment.

When the four chefs left the area, they enter the room and Dwyane made the remaining chef to go to sleep because of chloroform.

Rhea removes the plastic from her bag. While holding a tupperware, she walks toward the refrigerator. The tupperware contains crickets, while the one the Dwyane is holding contains cockroaches. 

Rhea puts the crickets inside the refrigerator while Dwyane let the cockroaches to fly over the food containers. 

After conducting their plan, Rhea and Dwyane get their order as take out and immediately leave the restaurant. 

They enter their car and they drive away from the restaurant. They are happy, for they made their plan successfully.

But they did not know that there is a CCTV camera in the chef's area, so as in the parking lot.

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