Chapter 30

General Isoog and Daraton bowed their heads. Yes, it was the King. My heart pumped so hard against my chest. I felt that Ponpon peered upward to look at the King, too.

We were ordered to turn around and bowed to him. He was several paces away from us, as usual. It was because of the law that he made himself, to protect himself, of course.

He looked at me like he was mocking me. “Xerra, I wish to talk to you alone, child,” he added.

I glanced at the General and he nodded. Then, he ordered everyone to leave while he and Daraton stepped farther to give me and the King some space. I remained where I stood, waiting for him to say anything more. I kept my face neutral. I hoped it was not a resting bitch face.

I wondered what it was he wanted to talk to me. Then, I remembered Rugien’s words about his father looking for another Queen. My fists clenched tightly at my sides as I looked at the King but with a straight face.

“You’re not going to ask me what it is?”

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