Chapter 32

Rugien’s piercing green eyes shifted to Jegosh’s. “And who do you think you’re asking, warrior?” he asked coldly.

Jegosh’s throat muscle bobbed up and down. He didn’t know if he would answer it or not and how. I felt sorry for him. We all knew that Rugien was acting like the Grand Crown Prince that he was and it demanded respect. But I was different. And it was different for me. I couldn’t call it anything whether it was respect or freedom, which didn’t matter for me at all. And yet, being civil was also necessary whenever time and situations call for it.

“He… he doesn’t mean it. Please forget what he said, Grand Prince,” I butted in instead, without looking at him but straight ahead.

He looked at me but only for a moment. Then he ordered Frith and Jegosh to get out, leaving us alone in the huge hall, although Jegosh hesitated for a moment or two. It made me nervous—this side of him. But why? I didn’t know if I’d act normally or not. I didn’t know how to deal with

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