Chapter 43

My jaw dropped from what I heard. His face became clearer to me now. I swallowed hard while I shook my head, still. He was truly that man that my mother loved back then, after she gave up waiting on my father who she also loved dearly. I looked at him again.

“B-but you’re supposed to be dead!” I got confused. Wasn’t this Uzob, after all? If not, then what was this place? I looked around trying to understand how I got here.

“It isn’t important right now, Xerra. You must get out of this place as soon as possible!” His voice was urgent.

“B-but you know that my mother died, don’t you? And how did you know?” I wanted to confirm it to him.

“Your mother died, yes. And it’s my fault.” His voice was regretful. Still, he was in agony. I think it wasn’t only because of the thing that bound his forehead, hands, and ankles but also of grief and guilt—it seemed.

“What? But I thought—” I got even more confused.

“She did everything she could to become The Queen o

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