Chapter 44

“Xerra,” Ponpon urged me. So I did step out of Uzob.

As soon as I was out of that prison, I hadn’t heard the groans and moans in pain of the prisoners. No more metallic smell.

The General shut the door, and he looked at me like he was seeing me for the first time. On the other hand, I felt like I just experienced an enhanced awareness of my powers. It was quite a weird and rush feeling that I hadn’t experienced before. Nevertheless, it was amazing! I felt like my blood was raging. I could sense my powers grow stronger.

“How did you do that?” General Isoog asked gently, which wasn’t like him at all.

I blinked and tried to follow what he just said. It was because I couldn’t seem to recover yet on what I just found out earlier about my sister’s father being alive and the reason of our mother’s death.

“Oh! Well, I just randomly blackmailed him,” I answered with a shrug, not telling him the truth that I had the ability to probe a being whenever he was close

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