Sweet Whirlwind Romance: Sir, Would You Like to Be My Partner-In-Marriage?
Sweet Whirlwind Romance: Sir, Would You Like to Be My Partner-In-Marriage?
Author: Blue-collared lad
Chapter 1
It was midday and the scorching sun hung high up in the sky.

Tang Ruochu stood in front of the bridal studio in her white wedding dress, and she felt the blood drain from her face when she spotted the couple locked in a passionate embrace in a Porsche.

This was supposed to be the day of her gown-fitting appointment and she had already arranged to meet her fiancé in front of the bridal studio. She was shocked to be greeted with this scene after she spent ages waiting for him to show up.

The man's back faced her and he kissed the woman in his arms passionately while the woman responded with equal fervor. Yet, Tang Ruochu saw the woman's lips curve into a smug smile through the car window.

She felt as though she had been struck by lightning, for the thought that her fiancé was fooling around with her sister had never once crossed her mind!

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she clenched her jaw in humiliation and anger.

She had been such a fool!

She had rushed downstairs without a moment's hesitation when she received Ji Yinfeng's text message five minutes ago telling her that he couldn't wait to see her in her gown.

The gown she was wearing had now become the greatest joke.

Tang Ruochu immediately figured out that Gu Ruoruo had sent her the text message earlier.

She had clearly wanted her to come across this scene and gloat at her misfortune.

As if Gu Ruoruo and her mother taking her father's love away from her had not been bad enough, she had now even stolen her fiancé from her!

She was bitterly disappointed by Ji Yinfeng's actions.

He knew how much she hated Gu Ruoruo and yet he had still jointly delivered this devastating blow along with Gu Ruoruo.

Tang Ruochu felt as though she had just woken up from a nightmare. She was afraid that she would lose control over her emotions and do something rash, so she quickly left the scene before Ji Yinfeng spotted her.

It wasn't long before Gu Ruoruo called and said tauntingly, "My dearest sister, you must have seen everything earlier, right? I am the one Ji Yinfeng loves, so he will never marry you and I will never let this wedding happen. He is mine, so you should forget about getting married to him!"

Tang Ruochu spent the entire afternoon walking on the streets in a daze, oblivious to the stares she attracted with her tear-streaked face and long wedding gown that dragged behind her.

She walked into a nightclub and ordered a lot of alcoholic drinks, which she drank while crying her heart out. She wanted to drown her sorrows in alcohol.

Tang Ruochu became completely drunk that night and passed out on the sofa of the club's private room.

The next morning, she was woken up by the sound of her phone ringing.

She picked up the call drowsily and didn't even have the chance to speak when she heard Ji Yinfeng yell angrily, "Tang Ruochu, where the hell are you? Do you know that I spent the entire afternoon yesterday waiting for you at the bridal studio? Since you're taking this wedding so lightly, then let's just call it off!"

His words immediately shook her out of her drunken stupor. She saw the irony in his words and felt cold all over.

She... no longer had any intention of marrying him since the day before!

Tang Ruochu went to the restroom to wash up after she ended her call with Ji Yinfeng and left the private room to settle her bill.

A tall man walked in her direction as she walked along the corridor.

She didn't pay too much attention to this man until she heard his assistant say respectfully when he drew nearer, "Sir, according to the Chairman, your main task today is to collect your marriage license with Ms. Xu and then have dinner with her to celebrate your marriage."

"I haven't got time." These words slipped out of the man's thin lips and his voice seemed completely devoid of warmth.

"But... the Chairman said that you must get married. If Ms. Xu didn't catch your eye, he could continue sending women your way until you have picked a woman to get married to." His assistant cautiously relayed the Chairman's words as cold sweat dripped down his back.


"Hmph, I can't believe he hasn't given up on this idea! Go ahead and select any socialite. I don't care who you select as long as it isn't someone the Chairman is trying to send my way. I want to nip this idea in the bud," the man said as he scoffed and immediately set about putting an efficient plan in place.


His assistant gaped in shock as he said, "Sir... you have got to be kidding, right?"

The man shot him a cold glare. "Do I look like I'm kidding?"

He did not!

Then again... marriage was a huge milestone in one's life. Wasn't his boss treating it too lightly?

His assistant started to say something before he stopped. He wanted to persuade his boss to think twice but when he caught sight of the resolute expression on his boss's face, he quickly swallowed his words.

Tang Ruochu couldn't help glancing at the man when she overheard their exchange.

He was an exceptionally handsome man who looked like a living sculpture carved by the gods. His features were exquisitely beautiful and well-defined. He had thin lips, a high nose bridge, thick brows that added to his aloofness, and eyes that were inscrutable.

His suit, which was tailored to fit his figure, made him look even more handsome.

He exuded a cold and noble aura as though he was a king who brooked no disobedience. There was an aloof air about him that made it difficult for anyone to draw near him and his imposing manner instinctively commanded respect.

Tang Ruochu recognized him as Lu Shijin from the Thunderbolt Entertainment Group, who was known as royalty within the entertainment circle. He usually kept a low profile and hardly appeared in public but she had seen him once when she was still a journalist assistant.

She was surprised to run into him here at a club!

She suddenly had an idea as Lu Shijin brushed past her.

Lu Shijin was looking for someone to marry and she had been betrayed by her fiancé, so they didn't have any emotional entanglements and would make suitable marriage partners for each other.

More importantly, she wanted Gu Ruoruo to know that she would be able to find someone even better than Ji Yinfeng. She wanted Ji Yinfeng to regret his decision!

She hastily stopped him after being struck with this idea. "Wait a minute, Mr. Lu."

Lu Shijin and his assistant were slightly surprised by her sudden words and turned to look at her.
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