Chapter 730

Tang Ruochu laughed and asked, "So, you want to do the same to me as well?"

She was probably called there so that Gu Ruoruo could exact her revenge on her.

"Are you afraid?" Gu Ruoruo asked.

Tang Ruochu smiled. "Of course I'm afraid."

Seeing Ning Qiaoqiao's sorry state, her whole body was overtaken by a dull pain, and she felt particularly unnerved.

Gu Ruoruo let go of Ning Qiaoqiao's hair and walked toward Tang Ruochu.

Stopping before her, a sinister smile appeared on her lips. "Actually, you don't need to be afraid. I won't treat you the same way I treated Ning Qiaoqiao. I'm your elder sister, after all."

She stretched her hand out and gently stroked Tang Ruochu's cheeks. The latter frowned and turned her face away to avoid the former's hand.

Gu Ruoruo's smile grew even deeper. "As long as you help me kill Ning Qiaoqiao, I'll let you go."

Kill Ning Qiaoqiao?

Tang Ruochu stared at her in horror and could not believe that Gu Ruoruo wanted her to do such a thing.

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