Chapter 759

Ying Xiaoxiao ran out of the company crying, and along the way, the employees who knew her were all surprised because they had no idea what had happened.

Soon, the news reached Tang Ruochu's ears.

Xiaoxiao was crying?

Tang Ruochu frowned. The first thing she thought of was Shengyao. She wondered if he had done something to her.

She called Xiaoxiao's number, but no one picked up even after several calls.

She realized that something was wrong and hurried upstairs to look for Shengyao to find out what was going on.

When the elevator reached the floor on which the general manager's office was located. As soon as the elevator doors opened, her eyes met the woman who was waiting on the other side.

Frowning, Tang Ruochu slowly walked out of the elevator as she kept her eyes on the woman. She smiled at Tang Ruochu and walked into the elevator before she reached for the descend button. The doors gradually closed and blocked her gaze.

Tang Ruochu stood in front of the elevator and stare
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