Chapter 24

Just when the news was gaining even more attention, the Ji Group finally took action.

The comments on Weibo no longer favored Tang Ruochu one-sidedly. Some anti-fans stood out to accuse her of spending money to buy spots on the trending chart and showcasing her weak side to gain pity from the netizens. They said that she was scheming and that there was no end to her tricks.

Some said that Tang Ruochu was pretending to be pitiful. Almost every piece of news was targeting Gu Ruoruo and Ji Yinfeng, yet she was not faulted at all. With just one glance, one could tell there was something going on.

Some even went to dig up her family history. They found that she was the legitimate daughter of the Tang Group, and accused her of making use of the Tangs' power to fend for herself and suppress her older sister.

These perspectives soon caused a lot of discussion among the netizens.

This time around, the number of people on Tang Ruochu's side had decreased significantly.

Some who had origina
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