Chapter 26

Not long after the reporters left, Tang Ruochu’s interview was released on the Internet immediately, causing another wave of uproar.

The reporters delved into her words deeply and analyzed them to the smallest detail. Eventually, they came up with one conclusion: Gu Ruoruo snatched someone else’s lover, and childhood friend Ji Yinfeng could not stay loyal till the end. As a younger sister, Tang Ruochu did not seek revenge and even spoke out for them, pleading to the netizens to not harm her.

Soon, countless netizens were moved. They felt that Tang Ruochu was too kind. She was already hurt to this extent, yet she was still protecting them.

But some said that Tang Ruochu was too scheming. It was obvious that she was a wolf in sheep's clothing. She seemed like she was protecting them, but in reality, she was telling the public that she was the victim. It was too fake.

No matter what the comments were about, Ji Yinfeng’s attempt to counterattack had already been ruined.

A new wave of
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Bella Jersey
Gu and her mom have gotta to be going insane
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Sarlima Laishram
Too many chapters. Having a hard to unlock.
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Kenzie Angel Cole
I would really appreciate more options to earn coins

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