Chapter 30

"That's not necessarily true. Do you still not know Gu Ruoruo's character? Given that b*tch's toxicity, who knows whether or not she is setting you up? For someone like her, you should be on guard against her as much as you can. This time around, she had such a great fall. She'll definitely not let it go."

Speaking of Gu Ruoruo, although Song Anyi was scornful and skeptical of her, she was always cautious of her.

As Tang Ruochu's friend for many years, she had already seen how Gu Ruoruo treated Tang Ruochu with her endless tricks, which was why she was so worried.

"You're right. This incident ruined Gu Ruoruo's image and her path in the entertainment industry. I'm afraid she hates me to the core now and will definitely think of ways to deal with me."

Tang Ruochu strongly agreed with Song Anyi's point of view.

She had lived with Gu Ruoruo under the same roof for more than 10 years. She would know more about Gu Ruoruo than Song Anyi, not less.

"I'm relieved that you think this way.
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