Chapter 53

After Tang Ruochu retaliated strongly, Gu Ruoruo had stopped trying to cause trouble for Tang Ruochu. Several days later, the negative comments online had gradually decreased, and only a few comments scattered online could be found.

Tang Ruochu had gained a considerable amount of fame through this, and her fans urged her to make her debut in the entertainment industry.

Over the next couple of days, she received many calls from companies requesting her to be the face of their company. She even received calls from management companies that promised to do their best to make her a star.

Tang Ruochu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Song Anyi said playfully, "Why aren't you making full use of such a great opportunity to debut? You're gorgeous, and you carry yourself well, so you're perfectly suited to become a celebrity. You'd be able to stand head and shoulders above some female celebrities, so you should make full use of this opportunity!"

Tang Ruochu shook her head firmly and sai
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