Chapter 58

"Song Anyi, what did you say?"

When she heard Song Anyi's murmur, her expression turned worse.

Even though Lu Xiaolin was berating Tang Ruochu, she was secretly extremely jealous of her.

She regretted immensely that she had not gone to that gathering. If she went, she figured that Lu Shijin would be inviting her instead.

After staying in Times Entertainment News for so many years, she had merely been promoted to the position of Assistant Manager. If she could work for Thunderbolt Entertainment, it would be a great lift for her position.

She believed that her abilities were not inferior to Tang Ruochu's, and she had more experience than her. If Thunderbolt Entertainment wanted only one of them, she would be the better choice.

However, Lu Xiaolin did not expect that she would accidentally give Tang Ruochu this opportunity instead.

Tang Ruochu knew about Lu Xiaolin's narcissism and thus ignored her, merely smiling. "Lu Xiaolin, even though I do not know what Gu Ruoruo promised you,
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