Chapter 59

"Manager, do you believe her accusation?"

Tang Ruochu frowned as if she didn't expect the complaint to be about work.

"I want to hear your explanation."

Li Na explained harshly with a cold expression.

Tang Ruochu shook her head. "Everyone in our circles knows what kind of person Lin Cheng is. The people who attended the gathering yesterday were all his friends. When Lin Cheng requested me to accompany him for a night, I became infuriated and refuted him. I neither scolded nor humiliated him."

Li Na was not an ignorant woman and could guess what the situation was yesterday. Hence, her expression became calmer. "Regardless, this matter has caused a significant impact on the company. How do you plan to resolve it? Lin Cheng holds a special status with Tanghai behind him. He probably would not let you off so easily regarding this matter. Do you know what I mean?"


Tang Ruochu nodded, but her eyes showed her determination. "However, I will not apologize to that scumbag."

Li Na
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