Chapter 64

The couple left the room one after the other. They saw Lu Shengyao leaning on the corridor wall leisurely, looking at them with a strange smile.

Lu Shijin's expression was calm like water, unalarmed.

Tang Ruochu, however, became uncomfortable at his gaze. Blushing, she stared at him and scolded, "What are you looking at? Have you never seen beauty before?"

Lu Shengyao smiled ambiguously but did not reply.

Tang Ruochu became even more embarrassed by his smile, and hence, rolled her eyes at him angrily before running down the stairs.

Seeing her disappear, Lu Shijin glanced at Lu Shengyao and asked, "What happened?"

"I am here to find you all for dinner. I've booked a place in a restaurant. By the way, I want to report something regarding Sister-in-law."

"Ok, go drive first."



At 7 p.m., the trio arrived at a high-class Chinese restaurant in the city center. They chose a small private cubicle and ordered their food, chatting while eating.

While they ate, Lu Shengyao
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