Chapter 95


Just five minutes after Thunderbolt Entertainment's statement came out, a crashing sound came from a resting room in Times Entertainment.

Gu Ruoruo was furiously pointing at her manager's nose. Her expression was very horrible. "Dammit! Didn't you say that Thunderbolt wouldn't dismiss something so insignificant? Look at how the netizens are making fun of me right now!"

"I didn't expect them to take it so seriously."

The manager's expression did not look good.


Gu Ruoruo scolded him in annoyance. She was pissed to the extreme.

Seeing that she was very agitated, the manager did not talk back. She could only comfort her calmly. "Ruoruo, calm down. Your situation was already different. Since Thunderbolt has already made a statement, let's just give up. At least we reached our goal. Although you're being scolded online right now, at least you're gaining quite a lot of attention. At this point in time, you should hold back all the more. If you want to make it big, th
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