Chapter 101

Xiao'ai nodded and turned around in a hurry, pulling a flight attendant to her side. "Miss, why didn't you stop that lady just now? She has an economy class ticket."

The flight attendant smiled affectionately and replied, "That's right, miss. The lady just now did have an economy class ticket, but she changed it to first class midway."

Xiao'ai was instantly furious. "Didn't you say that the first class cabin was fully booked? Why can she change her ticker but not me?"

"I'm sorry, miss, there is some misunderstanding. The first-class cabin was booked for that lady by one of our customers."


Xiao'ai was shocked. How could someone book the first-class cabin when even Ji Yinfeng failed to do so?

Xiao'ai was not stupid and a thought flashed through her mind. Hence, she asked, "Who is the customer who booked the first-class cabin?"

"I'm sorry. Our customer's information is private and confidential."


Even though the flight attendant remained quiet, Xiao'ai could guess tha
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Bobeta Tawagen Calica
very nice story, this is the other version of Mo Ting and Tang Ning of the flash marriage ive read 2 years ago ang i love that novel together with the priceless wife or trapped with the Ceo of Harry and Lola

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