Chapter 135

"What happened?" Tang Ruochu blinked in doubt.

"I'm not sure about the details, but I heard from a friend that the Ji Group seems to be looking for investors everywhere. It is speculated that one of their projects had come to a standstill for some reason. They had already found a partner but they bailed at the last minute. Right now, the situation in the Ji Group is very intense. So I was thinking that Gu Ruoruo would probably not come and bother you for the time being."

Although Li Na seemed to be mentioning it unintentionally, there was still a hint of prying in her voice.

Obviously, Li Na also guessed that the Ji Group was probably in this situation because they were targeted.

In this day and age, in order to target the Ji Group, the other party had to have a more formidable background.

Li Na had some doubts that this matter could be related to Tang Ruochu.

However, Tang Ruochu was apparently unaware of the matter, as she looked surprised and puzzled.

"It would be best if she
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