Chapter 167

However, Tang Ruochu shook her head. "Probably not."

"Then where could she have gone?"

"I don't know."

Just when Tang Ruochu was considering whether or not to split up to search, her phone started to ring.

Tang Ruochu picked it up. Song Anyi's voice came from the other end. "Ruochu, I'm sorry, something came up and I have to leave first. You guys don't need to wait for me. Help me say sorry to Xiaoxiao. I'll make it up to her next time."

"Anyi, what happened?"

Tang Ruochu was very sensitive, and she quickly heard the abnormality in her voice.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me. See you at work tomorrow."

After saying that, she did not wait for Tang Ruochu to respond and hung up directly.

Tang Ruochu stared at the phone screen in a daze for a few seconds. She could only say to Xiaoxiao helplessly, "She seems to really have something urgent. She went back already."

"Really? Okay then. Since that's the case, let's just call it a night. Anyways, I'm back and never leaving. We have l
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Odunola Onadipe
Romantic duo! Nice!

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