Chapter 186

Mu Ling quickly walked in as well. His brows jumped uncontrollably when he saw how frightened Tang Ruochu was. Then, he cast a shaken gaze on Lu Shijin's face.

The latter's face was so sullen that it caused one to feel afraid. He was deeply enraged by the suffering they inflicted on Tang Ruochu.

Mu Ling could swear that after all these years of working for Lu Shijin, this was definitely the first time he saw him this angry.

At this moment, the four men had been suppressed completely. Their hands were handcuffed and their faces were filled with defeat.

Mu Ling's heart shuddered a little. He quickly turned to a police officer beside him and said, "Lee Sir, please carefully deal with them. Our CEO is very angry. It'd be best if you could get the information from them on the mastermind behind this. These gangsters should not have a grudge against our miss."

"Assistant Mu, don't worry. I will definitely get my subordinates to deal with them carefully. As for the other information, we w
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