Chapter 271

The morning sun shone through the French windows and spilled into the room. The thin streaks of light bounced around on the floor.

After taking a bite of the egg that was fried to perfection, Tang Ruochu looked up at the man opposite her.

The sunlight was behind him, which made his body look taller and his features more well-defined and handsome.

He was drinking his milk while reading the newspaper. He was focused and serious.

"Be focused when you're eating, don't be distracted. You might get indigestion."

Feeling dissatisfied, Tang Ruochu muttered. The man sitting opposite her heard what she said and lifted his eyes. His smiling gaze landed on her.

"That's what my mother used to say," Tang Ruochu added. Bringing up elders always added some credibility.

Lu Shijin folded the newspaper nicely and put it aside. Then, he chuckled and said, "Since Mom said so, how could I not listen to her?"

Tang Ruochu squinted her eyes. "Are you making fun of me?"

"I wouldn't dare." Lu Shijin cou
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