Chapter 283

After going downstairs, Yan Xu waited with Tang Ruochu in the hall.

Tang Ruochu was a little embarrassed and said, "Mr. Yan, I can wait here by myself."

Yan Xu glanced at her. "I am worried."

Well, Tang Ruochu was speechless.

Yesterday, on the poster, as his brows gave an aura of indifference, he seemed distant even though he was smiling.

He gave off the same aura during the press conference. He was polite yet distant when interacting with the cast, not appearing overly intimate with anyone.

However, he seemed to be a different person today.

He was cold on the outside and warm on the inside, a caring and gentle man.

As if she had discovered a giant secret, Tang Ruochu lowered her head as her lips curled into a smile uncontrollably.

Actually, she did not know that Yan Xu treated her gently because she was special to him.

Lu Shijin walked into Courtyard View and saw Tang Ruochu standing not far away, with... a man.

With his brows twisted into a frown, he saw his Chu lowering h
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