Chapter 288

Tang Ruochu smiled helplessly as she exclaimed, "What a pair of delightful rivals."

As the air became filled up with the fragrance of food, Tang Ruochu's stomach growled again. She looked at the fired-up couple and danced her way toward the kitchen.

Lu Shijin was still busy with cooking. He was making the sauce for the ketchup prawns while keeping an eye on the roasted fish in the wok.

"So fragrant." Tang Ruochu walked toward him and took in a deep breath, smiling gently at him.

He smiled gently back. "Are you very hungry?"

"I'm all right." Tang Ruochu took an apron from the wall and put it on. "Let me help you."

Lu Shijin did not reject her and ordered, "Help me wash the Welsh onions and cut them up."

"Yes, Sir!" Tang Ruochu saluted him mischievously.

Lu Shijin chuckled as he looked at her dark pupils shining prettily like stars in the sky.

Tang Ruochu was stunned by his beauty until Xiaoxiao's angry voice from out of the kitchen caused her to come back to her sense. She star
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