Chapter 296

Tang Ruochu and Lu Shengyao became awkward.

Actually, they did not intend to pry. They just happened to be passing by and they were very loud.

Hence, they had no choice but to overhear them.

Shen Qian froze for a moment before quickly wiping away her tears. She cried out in a daze, "Sister Ruochu."

Tang Ruochu gave her a small smile. "Hello."

Her voice sounded plain and distant, unlike the enthusiasm she had shown during the party.

Shen Qian grabbed the lower part of her clothes subconsciously, as if only by doing so would she have the courage to face her.

Lu Shengyao studied Shen Qian with an interrogative gaze. She was wearing a costume, so she had to be an actress too. However, he found her familiar for some reason.

Hence, he asked, "Sister-in-law, you know her?"

Tang Ruochu tilted her head and answered softly, "She's the girl that bumped into you during the party."

"Isn't that...?" Lu Shengyao's eyes widened in shock.

Tang Ruochu nodded gently before saying to Shen Qian,
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