Chapter 297

Tang Ruochu did not know if Shen Qian would take her words to heart, but this was already the most lenient she could be towards her.

"Sister-in-law, my brother said that you should never soften your heart for those who harm you."

Lu Shengyao did not agree with how she had dealt with Shen Qian. Although she had been threatened to do such things, the fact that she already cared so much about her career at this young age indicated that she would not be easy to deal with in the future.

"I'm not being soft on her, it's just that it's already taxing enough to deal with Gu Ruoruo and the rest. I don't want to make more trouble for myself. Understand?"

How could she not know that she was being too soft? But after such a long time of fighting back and forth with Gu Ruoruo and the rest, she was a little tired.

She only had one thought then, which was to quickly get rid of Gu Ruoruo and the rest. Then, she could live a peaceful life with Shijin.

Ideals were always so perfect, while reality
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Kyla Green
I’m confused by Shengyao repeatedly saying sister in law when no one knows she’s married, let alone to Lu Shijin.
goodnovel comment avatar
Aisha Secka
Why is one asking when did Tang Ruocho get married?
goodnovel comment avatar
Joan Rose
Opps you made an error qiaoqiao didnt know shengyao is Chu brother-in-love. Everyone still thinks they’re lovers.

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