Chapter 300

"No need." Tang Ruochu rejected her directly. "If there's nothing else, I'll get going."

Then, she turned around.

"Tang Ruochu."

Gu Ruoruo called her. Tang Ruochu turned and looked at her. She saw that she had put down the egg and was walking towards her in her flowerpot-sole shoes.

Tang Ruochu frowned and started feeling wary.

"Hand it over." Gu Ruoruo stretched out her hand.

"What?" Tang Ruochu's brows furrowed even more tightly.

"The camera."

Oh, she wanted to see the footage.

Tang Ruochu still rejected her, "You'll see it when the video is released online."

"No. I want to see it right now. God knows how you filmed me."

Gu Ruoruo was very persistent. She directly stretched out her hand to snatch the camera hanging round her neck.

Tang Ruochu's instinct to protect herself caused her to lift her hand and block her automatically.

Meanwhile, Gu Ruoruo did not give up. She still wanted to snatch it.

Both of them pulled and tugged for a while. Suddenly, Gu Ruoruo's foot slip
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