Chapter 303

When Tang Ruochu had calmed down, Lu Shijin helped her to sit on the sofa.

Tang Ruochu cried incessantly. Before she could get a hold of herself, she caught a glance of his dark pupils. They were lowered on her unnaturally as his eyelashes twitched.

"Don't look at me, I am ugly." As she had been sobbing for a long while, she was a little hoarse.

"Yes, you are a little ugly." Lu Shijin's lips curved into a smile.

"Really?" Tang Ruochu was anxious. She lifted her head to stare directly into his smiling gaze before realizing that he was merely joking.

A gentle smile appeared on his face as he hugged her tight. "You are not ugly at all. In my eyes, you have always been very beautiful."

Her voice was like a gentle spring wind which made her heart flutter.

"Even if you were joking, I won't forgive you for saying that I am ugly." Tang Ruochu tilted her chin up slightly with a smile on her face that could not be hidden.

Seeing her proud expression, Lu Shijin chuckled out loud. He merel
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