Chapter 313

After the meeting, Tang Ruochu and Song Anyi walked out of the conference room together. As soon as they went out, they were blocked by several women.

They looked up and found that it was the women from the Publicity Department.

Aside from their own colleagues in the Media Department, they usually only nodded their heads at people from other departments when they saw them. They would remember their faces but not their names.

Even though these women did not come to them with good intentions, Tang Ruochu still smiled and asked, "What can I do for all of you?"

Those few women scanned her from head to toe with a very rude gaze. Then, they snorted, "You're just so-so. I thought that you would be very pretty."

Hearing this, Song Anyi frowned. "Hey, don't you know that it's very rude to criticize other people's looks?"

"Pfft, why should I be polite to her?" one of the women snorted and said.

"Exactly. She's just the CEO's lover. What's so great about that?"

"What you said is not right
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