Chapter 314

Song Anyi suddenly opened her eyes and stared right into a pair of deep eyes.

She was stunned for a moment and then quickly looked away. She turned her gaze towards Tang Ruochu and said angrily, "Tang Ruochu, who did you say would become stupid?"

Tang Ruochu just smiled gently without saying anything.

Actually, Tang Ruo only said so because she had seen Mofei running over to save Anyi, but even though nothing had happened, Anyi still kept her eyes tightly shut and her long eyelashes were trembling.

Hence, she deliberately said so. Otherwise, how would she have opened her eyes?

"Are you alright?" Shen Mofei asked in a gentle voice as he looked at the girl who had regained her vigor. His eyes were filled with an emotion that others could hardly detect.

"I'm fine, thank you, Sir." Song Anyi realized that she was still in his arms and quickly jumped away.

Her tone was distant and polite, but a trace of disappointment flashed across the bottom of his eyes. His brows seemed to furrow
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it said few scratches how come blood is oozing
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not a good word/ joke

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