Chapter 317

His gaze was fiery.

Tang Ruochu was flustered and explained quickly, "I forgot my pajamas. I am getting them now."

After she finished, she ran towards the changing room.

However, he was faster than her. Walking briskly to her, he stretched out his arms and hugged her tight.

She gasped before his kiss descended on her...

Lust filled the room.

The night had just begun.

After the night of exercise, the couple didn't wake up until noon.

When she woke up, she was astonished when she saw the time.

Damn! She was missing work!

She didn't think much and climbed out of bed. However, once she had left her bed, her sore leg made her fall back onto it.

In the meeting room, the man's handsome face was no longer cold and emotionless. He seemed gentler, his lips curved up into a smile.

Everyone sitting there had one question.

"Is the CEO sick?"

Only Mu Lin knew what had happened to his boss.

There was only one person who could make boss behave so strangely.

That was the CEO's wife.

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