Chapter 322

Ying Xiaoxiao ran over to hug her. "Anyi, what exactly happened? Why is Chuchu in the operating theatre?"

"Right, Mofei, what happened?" Lu Shenguyao asked anxiously.

He was having a meeting when Mofei called, informing him that his sister-in-law had been sent to the hospital. Worried, he immediately canceled the meeting and rushed over, even running a few red lights along the way.

"Xiaoxiao, Gu Ruoruo was the one who harmed Chuchu, sending her into the hospital."

Song Anyi's face sank at the thought of how Gu Ruoruo treated Chuchu. "She kicked Chuchu's belly. The doctor said that there is internal bleeding and an operation must be done immediately."

"Gu Ruoruo!" Ying Xiaoxiao gritted his teeth, fury brewing in her eyes.

"Damn it, I shouldn't have listened to my sister-in-law and should have gotten rid of Gu Ruoruo at the start. Then, such a matter wouldn't have happened." Lu Shengyao punched the wall in regret.

His big brother and he respected the decision of his sister-in-law.
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