Chapter 323

Song Anyi helped Sheng Mofei get to the A&E department, where she pulled over a passing doctor.

"Doctor, he is injured."

The doctor was stunned. "Where?"

"On his back." As she spoke, Song Anyi went forth to pull Shen Mofei's shirt up. However, she was stopped by Shen Mofei.

She raised her head to look at him in confusion.

"There are too many people here," he whispered.

It turned out he was shy. Song Anyi nodded as if she understood. Then, she turned around to talk to the doctor, saying, "Doctor, let's do the check-up in a private cubicle."

The doctor led them to his room, where Shen Mofei took off his shirt.

As Shen Mofei was unbuttoning, he glanced at Song Anyi from time to time.

Noticing his strange looks, Song Anyi asked with amusement, "Do you want me to leave?"

Shen Mofei was at a loss for words. He had to unbutton his shirt and take it off, showing off his lean body.

Song Anyi thought that as a rich man, he would be skinny and fragile. She hadn't expected his body to b
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