Chapter 325

Tang Ruochu felt as if she had been in a deep sleep for a long time. When she woke up and saw the white ceiling of the hospital, she seemed to have lost her memories of what had happened, but before long, images of Gu Ruoruo's crazy screams flashed across her mind.

She remembered that she had been kicked by Gu Ruoruo in the belly. That was painful, extremely painful.

After that, she lost all memory.

She stared at the ceiling for a long while before she licked her tongue. This should be the hospital.

Then, she turned her head slowly.

A handsome face entered her eyes. She was suddenly confused.

"Why is Shijin here?"

He had fallen asleep by the bed frame. Even during his sleep, he frowned as if he was having a nightmare.

He must be worried about her.

She reached out to caress his frown but she found out that her hands were being tightly grasped by him.

She smiled helplessly, but inside her heart, she was immensely touched.

Furthermore, she felt apologetic too. If not for the fa
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