Chapter 334

Love at first sight?

Shen Mofei's thoughts returned to the night when he had met her at the police station. At that time, she had looked very fragile, so much so that his heart ached for her.

Perhaps that was the weakness of every man. When they saw a delicate woman, it would ignite their impulse to protect them.

He was not surprised.

However, he had just wanted to protect her. It was not because he liked her.

If he was to pinpoint the time when he had fallen for her, it would probably be during that incident.

"Something that shouldn't have happened happened to us," he replied honestly.

Tang Ruochu had not been expecting such an answer. She was stunned for a good 10 seconds before she could process it fully. "You guys... you guys actually..."

She took a deep breath and asked calmly, "When did it happen?"

"That time she was framed by someone and ended up in the police station."

Tang Ruochu remembered. That day, she had fallen asleep. Shijin was the one who had helped her to an
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