Chapter 383

Tang Ruochu returned home, and after exchanging a few casual words with Auntie Wu, she sprinted up the stairs.

She halted as she passed by the study, opening the door gently and poking her head in. She found Shijin sitting on the desk in the study. Orange light shone on his black hair, scintillating lightly. His features looked even more handsome and profound under the light.

She could not help being mesmerized.

Lu Shijin noticed that someone was watching him. The scorching eyes were so fiery that no one could look into them.

Opening his eyelids slightly, a small charming face appeared in his sight. His thin lips began to curl slowly upward.

Putting down the book in his hands, he raised his head, watching her calmly and unhurriedly. He called out to her softly, "Chuchu."

When Tang Ruochu heard his voice, she recovered. Staring into his attentive eyes, she immediately realized what she had been doing.

She had been bewitched by lust. She had lost herself in a trance staring at him
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