Chapter 403

"Oh?" Lu Shengyao raised his brows as amusement appeared in his eyes. "Are you afraid that I will find other women?"

Ying Xiaoxiao's smile froze on her face, but she recovered soon enough. Laughing loudly, she patted his shoulder. "Lu Shengyao, you have such a good imagination! You should be a screenwriter."

As she was patting with force, Lu Shengyao frowned in pain. He moved her hand away and complained, "Ying Xiaoxiao, can you talk to me properly and stop hitting me!"

Ying Xiaoxiao's hand froze in mid-air. She saw that he was upset, so she retracted her hand and replied, "I am sorry. I got too excited."

Afterward, she asked, "How about it? Don't you want to ask me out tomorrow?"

Lu Shengyao caressed his shoulder, which was still in pain, and replied impatiently. "I will fetch you at 9 am tomorrow. Please remember to dress up."

"I need to dress up?" Ying Xiaoxiao rubbed her chin in confusion before her eyes lit up. Was he going to...

She raised her head and was about to ask him
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